The new EARTH series – Designed for the ENVIRONMENT!

Packaging made from

Present your products in the most environmentally friendly packaging solution Green Pack

Packaging made from bioplastic

Packaging made from recycled*
cardboard and paper

Attractive packagings for your products with a clear conscience for our environment

Packaging made from recycled cardboard and paper

  • DIVERSITY in nature and of course in packaging: A whole series of Eco packaging has been designed under the GreenPACK label. This packaging is divided into two categories: Packaging made from bioplastic and packaging made from recycled cardboard and paper from sustainable forestry. GreenPACK-packaging is trendsetting when it comes to the environment – and this doesn’t stop at its insides. A claim that applies to both categories.
  • QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT We were the first company worldwide to have been certified in the industry in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, certifications we have held, since 1998. Our motto is “QUALITY IS IN THE DETAIL” Shaping our day-to-day business, this guiding principle is consistently applied to satisfy your demands. By focusing on the core business, team-oriented product development and the use of modern technology, we have achieved a leading position in our markets.